High-speed fiber connectivity and Internet Services in the Netherlands.



The ultimate experience for your home.

With direct connections to popular video streaming services, music streaming services and games servers buffering and lag are a thing of the past.


Treedom is the business Internet you're looking for.

High-speed, low-latency, low-contention connections at reasonable prices. Supporting your business by delivering real performance and reliability.


Combine your office Internet with your cloud services.

Improving connectivity to popular cloud services Trunk bridges your office Internet with your AWS, GCE and Azure accounts reducing costs, and increasing throughput.

Treehouse, designed for you.


Designed to meet the demands of the modern home, Treehouse offers speeds 10x faster than other dutch ISPs.

To make things simple we offer one package:

1000Mbps download / 1000Mbps upload


No Phone

€100 / month

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Why don't we offer TV?

With the vast number IPTV services out there and the uptake of on-demand streaming services like Netflix and YoutubeRED, we opted to focus ensuring ultra-highspeed access to those services instead by investing in direct connections.


What about phones?

We don't bundle phones, because not everyone wants them, instead we offer them as an optional extra via our VoIP services.

It's all about giving you the freedom to choose.

Treedom, designed for business.

All businesses grow and shrink throughout their life, thats why we offer three ready to go packages that fit your needs as you scale and if you need more we tailor a solution exclusively for you.


Recommended for companies of 1-5 people.

Up to 100Mbps symmetric

One Phone Number, One Phone Line

Contention Ratio 1:10

€90 / month

Small Business

Recommended for companies of 5-20 people.

Up to 500Mbps symmetric

One Phone Number, One Phone Line

Contention Ratio 1:5

€175 / month


Recommended for companies of 20-100 people.

Up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) symmetric

Two Phone Numbers, Four Phone Lines

Contention Ratio 1:5

€355 / month


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Can we get phones with the startup package?

Of course, all our VoIP services are available as an optional extra.

What is a contention ratio?

Contention is the difference between reserved bandwidth and sold bandwidth, most ISPs operate a contention of around 50:1 to 100:1. Normally contention is a good thing, lowering costs to consumers, but during peak contention can drastically reducing your experience. That is why we keep our contention ratios below as close to 1:1 as possible.


Lower contention ratios are available on request.

Can I change packages easily?

Of course, you can switch packages once a month just contact your sales representative.

Do the phones come with bundled call time?

No, but do we have a very nice user interface where you can see exactly how much each call has cost you and which phone the call was made from.

can I see my Bandwidth usage?

How much bandwidth you use is difficult to show accurate statistics on. Depending on the time window the usage can appear drastically lower than it actually is. For this reason we don't provide such an interface.

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Trunk, bringing the cloud to you.


Trunk bridges your accounts on popular cloud platforms with your office Internet, improving connectivity and reducing your costs.



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How does it work?

We work with the cloud platform to organise your egress traffic for European services to exit via our network instead of their default route.

Do I need any special hardware?

Not normally, but we're happy to consult with you and evaluate your network setup prior to making any changes.